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Pampas Steakhouse

Regular locals and international guests alike have degusted Pampas consistent flavor, describing it as "Atlanta's best kept secret." Yet, it is really no secret at all. It takes wood ambers to grill an outstanding steak. Using anything less is unbefitting. For centuries, gauchos have galloped the South American grassland, the Pampas, and bequeathed rituals of freedom and cowboy prowess from father to son. One of these rituals is the "asado," the Argentinean art of grilling steak on wood ambers. Our mouthwatering flavor comes from this tradition and our Georgia white oak wood ambers. We serve the best of Argentina every night, international grade-a prime cuts and choice seafood, expertly grilled to perfection under the eye of Chef Luis Ramirez on a colossal custom-manufactured grill. Pampas Steakhouse was born in Atlanta from our passion to bring to you this tradition stemming from European and native American heritage.

Chef Luis was trained in Buenos Aires, Argentina after an outstanding Steakhouse career in New York and Atlanta. He perfected the asado technique and brought it to Georgia when Norsan Group opened the doors of Pampas Steakhouse in the spring of 2002. The unique aim of Pampas Steak house is to provide Argentinean-styled cuts of beef with a casually-refined ambiance in Alpharetta, Georgia. However the location has gained international recognition as suburban Atlanta's choice five-star steakhouse; often visited by international diplomats, businessmen, movie stars and other VIPs. They all come to enjoy the Pampas experience at our bar, main dining hall or luxurious private dining rooms, available for all types of banquet and private dining events. The Pampas Steakhouse lifestyle has been featured by Hollywood on films depicting the high-end suburban American living, such as The Joneses (2009).

Located on Johns Creek on State Bridge Road, Pampas Steakhouse is open every day for dinner or Sunday brunch, serving Argentinean interpretations of brunch classics as well as originals. From homemade favorites such as "empanadas", "provoleta" and "chorizo" to cuts such as New York Strip, all is served with an Argentine twist, alongside masterful South American. Pampas' specialties include the "brick" filet, the bone-in filet and specialty cuts like a Wagyu Tomahawk, Delmonico and Churrasco. Pampas extensive wine list features the finest bottles from Argentina and Napa Valley as well as from every corner of the world. No wonder the restaurant is consistently listed as "Best Food in Georgia" by OpenTable.com diner reviews and often makes it to the first place of the list.

Experience Pampas and enjoy a steakhouse like no other.


10970 State Bridge Rd. Johns Creek, GA 30022
Tel: 678.339.0029
Fax: 678-339-0034
Monday to Thursday 5pm - 10:30pm
Friday to Saturday 5pm - 11pm
Sunday 11:30am - 9:00pm

Beto Tenorio
Director of Operations

Juan Arroyave
General Manager

Sean Moorehead

Holly Otto
Private Event Coordinator

Luis Ramirez
Executive Chef