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Tucker, GA, January 4, 2011 - Prime Meats has launched a true “ Never-Ever” natural Angus brand - NatureSource®.

Our commitment to providing industry’s finest natural beef quality is simple. No antibiotics or added hormones-ever is the only way to be sure. The foundation of

NatureSource has established a proprietary and strict new standard for monitoring and delivering exceptional natural Angus beef.

Confirmed by signed program compliance affidavits and on-site audits, all

NatureSource cattle are guaranteed to be:

  • Raised on 100% vegetarian diets and finishing with a special corn diet
  • Humanely raised and handled during all phases with management procedures recognized by world-renowned animal care experts
  • Certified U.S. Born Angus heritage cattle raised by specially selected ranches known for their open-range practices and maintaining optimum herd health.
  • Processed through USDA inspected processing plants
  • No antibiotics or added hormones, ever.

NatureSource cattle grow and mature at the natural pace nature intended... without the use of antibiotics or added hormones—ever. We choose to focus instead on emphasizing herd health by maintaining a low stress environment where there’s always plenty of fresh water, quality grains and forages, and a commitment to gentle handling. Our proprietary verification system monitors each animal throughout the program, and as an added safeguard, we test our products for residue to ensure we deliver a safe, natural beef you can count on.

Our Natural Angus Cattle Are 100% Vegetarians.

From the ranch to finishing, NatureSource Natural Angus cattle are strict vegetarians, and are never fed any animal by-products. Beginning on the ranch, where cattle graze open green pastures, to our certified and humane finishing facilities, our cattle receive a steady, healthy diet of grains, grasses and essential minerals and vitamins as they mature. All feeds are tested regularly for pesticides as well as to ensure compliance with all FDA and USDA safety protocols. The results are a safe, satisfying eating experience.

Why We Feed A Minimum 120 Days Of Corn.

Quite simply, it’s a matter of taste. Corn-fed Angus beef provides a taste and texture you’ll recognize from the finest steak restaurants. Our specially formulated corn diet is fed for a minimum of 120 days during the critical final finishing phase. The result is a memorable eating experience every time you serve NatureSource Natural Angus Beef. Additionally, all grains are routinely tested and documented to meet our stringent standards for quality and safety, and we monitor our cattle closely to ensure they are corn-fed as part of our quality control finishing process.

What’s Behind The Angus Pedigree?

Angus cattle are world renowned for their superior marbling capability and tender, full-flavored beef. All of our Angus heritage cattle are certified USA born and raised. Every animal is sourced to one of our ranchers who has signed an affidavit verifying each steer or heifers’ lineage and origin. We also conduct routine on-ranch audits to ensure NatureSource Angus cattle deliver the safe, consistent beef you want for your family.

Tender Handling Leads To More Tender Beef.

The NatureSource process implements strict and extensive requirements and procedures recognized by world renowned animal care experts as “best of breed” to ensure our Angus cattle are handled in a humane, gentle fashion throughout all phases of development. Humane treatment is verified by on-site inspections, audits and signed affidavits and includes allowing the cattle to engage in their natural behaviors while providing sufficient space, shelter, water and a healthy diet free of added antibiotics and artificial hormones. Studies indicate cattle handled in this manner are less stressed and produce tender, quality beef.

Maintaining Strict Controls Ensures Safer, Healthier Beef.

We process our NatureSource Angus Natural Beef in our own USDA inspected facility recognized for its innovative and comprehensive food-safety standards. Cattle are handled gently and humanely to minimize stress and to provide you 100% assurance that our stringent protocols are not only practiced, but strictly enforced.

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